Sunday, March 27, 2011

a weekend of misery

yesterday saturday ----i just continued my painful and boring summer days . you know what i did i just surfed the net and bwalah watched the tv. there is nothing special besides watching the tremendous massacre of the late romanovs during the early 1918's. they were killed through gun and muriatic acid and buried and chopped in different places. it is so tragic.
today---we just went to church as part of our weekly routine to have  a parish involvement award. and today i spent about 300 pesos for eating fries and unhealthy fast meal in mcdo. this day is just getting worse because i feel really fat and i'm still starving for starving sailor in army navy.
the best thing to do starting tomorrow is to read in advance the books for my summer reviews and lose weight and control my bratiness.
i wish i will have time for things that i really want like having my own dell inspiron purple lap top and going to singapore.
i am totally sad and totally horrified to spend my days as a pharmacist in the future because that's what my mom keeps telling me to be to earn money quickly and not to exert alot of effort and stress in the future.
as of now i don't really know what i want to be.. please pray for me :D

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