Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what makes life a little bit weird

and here i'll tell you last monday we just went to a supermarket to buy some supplies and goods . i had pistachio ice cream and that day was star world day . i just watched shows from that channel all day from cougar town to how i met your mother up to desperate housewives. and i woke up 2 in the dawn and slept again by 4 i just watched again shows for that time that i'm widely awake.
yesterday we just got a text message from ms salvador saying that we will have a little party to celebrate that we are 2 and 3rd in the honors . we went crazy buying some plastic cups to paper plates in SM.
today is the day wednesday that we brought some food in our school the menu includes:
chicken,pancit,mechado,buko pandan,macaroni salad,puto and coke 
it's a little bit more but everyone of our teachers obviouly enjoyed it. and after  even the guidance, school nurse and doctors,security guards,nun's visitor and all the visitors were able to eat.
and we go to MOA to buy the patch for my zit in face shop.
btw jossana is with us in the little gathering and our teachers played with her especially miss persia and ms salvador upset josa by making her lyrics wrong.
we got a little chit chat with our teachers and ms. laxa is super eccentric about everything....

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